Obama assassination Scheme Thwarted – Google News

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Leonard Pitts, syndicated columnist, wrote an excellent piece on this titled “Are we stuck in the 60s?” He goes on to ask, “I mean, it’s fitting, isn’t it, that the campaign end with yet another appeal to fear, yet another portrayal of the Illinois senator as Not One of Us?”

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Six Months Later. . .

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Asa - Rio Villa on the Russian River
Asa – Rio Villa on the Russian River

It’s been six months today, since my husband of 50 years left my side.  During all those years, we seldom were apart, and when we were, he was always on my mind (Cue in Willy Nelson.) The only thing that has changed is the empty hole in my heart that I try to fill with work and more work, because every minute that I’m idle, the memories come rushing back to haunt me. Not that they aren’t wonderful memories; even in the darkest times during the past almost four years, we found time to get away together; to forget for a few days that he was dying.

The cruelest blow, though, was to be given hope, only to have it snatched away. For two glorious months in January and February of 2007, he was “in remission,” with no cancer to be seen – below his neck. What we didn’t know then, was that it was lurking, growing, and multiplying in his brain. Of all the cruelties of fate that could have happened, that was the worst possible: that this vibrant, extremely intelligent, articulate man would lose not only large chunks of his memory, but his ability to speak – to say all those things that he needed to say.

I’ll try to think no more about that today. I’ll try to remember all the wonderful memories we shared. There were many of them, so many.

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Plagiarizering Bloggers Just Don’t Get It!

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My cat articles for About.com are fairly popular, according to Google.  I also spend a fair amount of time creating them, and pride myself at being considered an “expert” about cats.  I don’t claim to know it all, but I research everything I write thoroughly.

That’s why it’s so frustrating to see my hard work stolen – yes, stolen by sweet young things who want to “share” my work with their own readers.  I love links to my content, but not when those “links” contain the articles in full, word-for-word, as this person did.  Or this one.  (You can read the original content on my site here and here.)

Blogging is a world-wide hobby nowadays, and I’d venture that at least 70% of bloggers are completely unaware of such concepts as copyright infringement, plagiarism, or theft of intellectual property. That’s exactly what it is, folks.  “Intellectual property” is what puts bread on the table for many of us who make our living writing.  To “borrow” the material we write dilutes its value. Think about it. If a hundred bloggers duplicate one of my articles, Google’s algorthyms  would be hard-put to decide who “owns” that content.  I might even be penalized for it, myself.

Please, if you read this, don’t put yourself at risk for embarrassment, lawsuit, and/or financial losses by “borrowing” other people’s content without express permission.  Most writers I know, including myself, aggressively protect our copyrights. It really isn’t worth it.

Here are some helpful links to learn more about copyright laws:

10 Big Myths about copyright explained

Copyright Law Explained

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Bringing Up-to-Date Part 2

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A few weeks after Asa’s passing I received an email from Jonathan Rosenberg, Founder and Executive Director of Tabby’s Place (www.tabbysplace.org). He told me that he and his staff had placed a brick in your honor in their Memorial Path, and went on to say, “Asa’s brick is near the entrance of the walkway and is the only engraved brick in Section 10 (closest to the entrance). It’s nice to think Asa sitting watch (literally) “behind the cats” at Tabby’s Place.”

The walkway leads to Cherney’s Garden, which was developed to commemorate a cat who expired of cancer.

I have placed a photo of the brick in Asa’s online Memorial Guest Book.  As background: I first became aware of Tabby’s Place from some longtime forum members at my About.com site. Jonathan put a ton of his own funds into developing what is the nicest sanctuary for cats in the country, in honor of his beloved Tabby, who passed on many years ago. I have supported Tabby’s place financially over the years in the form of sponsorship of their special needs cats,  and requested donations to that sanctuary in Asa’s obituary.

Today marks four months since my sweetheart left my life in the physical sense. Of course, he also holds a place in my heart. But life and the living must go on as is the way of the Universe.  I am very fortunate to have a loving family and a huge support group of folks I may never meet IRL, as we say.

Although I could be considered by some as “old as dirt” as we also say, I am still evolving. I feel like one of the many water globes I’ve received recently on Facebook. Someday soon, the bubbles will settle and a new me will emerge.  This blog will also evolve. Although I’ll still post about Cats and Llamas, the “Stuff” will assume a new focus.

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Bringing Up-to-Date Part 1

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Asa 1957

Asa 1957

It’s been a long, rough year since I last posted. My dear husband, Asa had been battling cancer (metastasized melanoma) since January of 2005, and after 13 months of biochemotherapy (over 120 days in an ICU unit together), he was proclaimed in remission, with no sign of cancer (below the neck.) In March of 2007, an MRI revealed two tumors in the frontal lobe of his brain. Fast forward through multiple E/R trips for seizures, three gamma knife procedures, the last resulting in a massive stroke the same day (9/24/07), and the final phase of his terminal illness began. I’ll spare my readers more details, but it was a long (too long), painful death. On May 2, 2008, Asa met his Maker, and is now reunited with all those cats he had loved, at the Rainbow Bridge.

I had long referred to him as “The Man Behind the Cats” on my web site with About.com, and on May 3rd, I honored him one last time with my Final Tribute: The Man Behind the Cats.

I’ll continue this saga in Part 2, then it’s back to living again, and none too soon.

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